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After Light

Marina Bay iLight festival - Singapore

Light and spirituality in Singapore

From creation myths to flashing neon tubes, light can be conceived as a symbol of progress or an ancient way of communicating with the spirit world. Shot on location in Singapore and New Zealand ‘After Light’ explores how it continues to inspire and influence people.

The site-specific projection, presented across 27 containers and 14 screens was the headline installation at the Singaporean Marina Bay iLight festival in 2012.  The structure also included four separate art installation spaces by local and New Zealand artists Interrupt.

After Light is also available as a four screen work.


iLight Festival, Singapore – 2012
LUX Night Light Festival, Wellington – 2012
Art In The Dark, Auckland – 2013
Vivid Light Festival, Sydney – 2013




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Aftlight Sm landscape_2

Aftlight Sm landscape_1