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After Light

Marina Bay iLight festival - Singapore

Light and spirituality in Singapore

Afterlight was a large scale fourteen screen video installation across twenty seven shipping containers that was developed for the Singapore light festival iLight Marina Bay in 2012. The final work comprises of three sections (divine, industrial and human) that look at the context of light in a contemporary Asian city like Singapore – from the flame in a temple to the neon tube in a shopping mall.

The structure also included four separate art installation spaces by local and New Zealand artists Interrupt. The work was adapted for four screens so that i could be shown at other light festivals.


iLight Festival, Singapore – 2012
LUX Night Light Festival, Wellington – 2012
Art In The Dark, Auckland – 2013
Vivid Light Festival, Sydney – 2013


Director Robert Appierdo
Producer Mark Westerby
Concept Jess Feast, Robert Appierdo
Festival Curator Mary Ann Kyriakou
Cinematographer Marty WIlliams
Audio Andy Hummel
Editor Hamish Waterhouse
Digital Output Toby Donald
Stop Motion Steffen Kreft
AV Tech Johan Nortje and Stu Foster
Graphic Design Matt Gleeson
Made at Orchard Studios, Wellington, New Zealand
Documentation Editor Gretchen Petterson

Comissioned by Smart Light iLight festivals and the URA of Singapore.
Festival production PICO.

Thanks to: Mary Laine, Emma White, Matt Gleeson, Creative New Zealand and wider Storybox family. Big thanks to all those faces that were part of the Human Light chapter.

Dedicated to Gino Appierdo.




Aftlight lrg landscape_1

Aftlight Sm landscape_2

Aftlight Sm landscape_1