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Armistice 100

Ministry of Culture and Heritage

Hope for the future, remember the past

November 11th, 1918 saw the end of The Great War. One Hundred years on we will commemorate what was a defining moment in world history and Aotearoa will have a number of commemorative events  occurring throughout the country. To create a visual thread linking centenary events and activities, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage needed a graphic identity.

We worked closely with the Ministry to develop an identity that references both the history of the past and Tūmanako, a desire or hope, for the future. Its arrows point to the past and to the future, representing the connections created throughout the centenary across generations and time.

We are proud to have assisted in creating a bold and flexible identity associated with such an evocative and powerful event. You can find our more information about the Armistice Day events here.