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Wellington Bell Stories

Ministry of Culture and Heritage

Ringing through history

Wellington City Council contracted Storybox to create a touchscreen experience for the foyer of the Carillon tower. The brief – to tell the stories of the bells. Storybox created Wellington’s Bell Stories – a touchscreen experience which tells the stories behind 5 of the 74 bells that hang within the tower, along with the stories of the tower and it’s carillonists.

The Wellington Carillon was one of New Zealand’s first examples of ‘crowd funding’. The government paid for the construction of the tower, while individuals or groups paid for the original 49 bells. Each bell bears an inscription in memory of the First World War casualties, military units, or specific battles.

Each bell has 4 pages on the touchscreen: Given By (the donor), In Memory (to whom the bells is dedicated to), Bell Name (the story behind the bell name – usually a battle or place name), and Statistics (dimensions and weight of the bell, along with the inscription and an audio track of the bell).