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Bring Your Wild Things Out

Nature Connections

Getting kids and parents into nature across the Wellington region.

Nature + kids = imagination.

Taking what it means to play as a child, Bring Your Wild Things Out inspires kids and parents alike to get out and about in summer. The campaign formed a way to highlight and unify twelve different parks, eco-attractions and wildlife sanctuaries across the Wellington region.

In response to the brief we created a visual series that speaks to the common qualities of what each location offers – nature, and a place to bring your imagination to life. Running with the idea of kids and imagination, we added unique site-specific elements for each partner location – MONSTERS! Who doesn’t like friendly monsters?!

Using an irreverent, hand-drawn and colourful style, the campaign is designed to capture the imagination of all ages with content developed for print, outdoors, digital, video and social media.





Creative direction – Robert Appierdo
Strategy – Special Ad Service / Scott Henderson
Graphic Design – Yasmine El Orfi
Producer – Jasmine Funnell, Lou Cheeseman
Director – Michelle Saville
DOP – Matt Henley
Editor – Matty Warmington