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Duality // 双重

China Shanghai International Arts Festival - R.A.W. Land

What you would do for fame, morality and integrity?

Following the success of The Woman Who Forgot at the NZ Festival in February 2016, a new immersive app-based adventure theatre show “Duality” (“双重”) was commissioned by the China Shanghai International Arts Festival to take place in the festival’s R.A.W. Land event in October 2016.

Director Jess Feast and writer Rachel Davies worked closely with students from Shanghai Theatre Academy to create a new story specifically for a young Chinese audience – to be performed in Mandarin.

The new show looked at the exploding digital phenomenon of live streaming. After story-lining with Shanghai Theatre Academy masters students, the writers had a fully fleshed out 40-page script with character descriptions and technical issues highlighted.

Unlike the Woman Who Forgot, Duality doesn’t begin with a case of amnesia, but is a thriller which features a live webcast, an abduction and disappearance.

“It’s about a girl whose younger sister is a huge live streaming star who is studying at the Academy and disappears, it sort of explores what you would do for fame, morality and integrity.” Said Rachel.

The international team worked remotely and on-site in Shanghai over six months to develop the next iteration of the immersive theatre format. Duality has helped extend the show’s narrative format, performance, organisational structure, and technological limits, into an even more slick and immersive digital experience.


Director – Bella Tong
Assistant Director – Jess Feast
Producers – Robert Appierdo, Carol Gu
Executive Producer – David Goldthorpe, Hilary Combes
Concept Development – Rachel Davies, Jess Feast, Bella Tong, Yan Zhi
Writer – Yan Zhi
Lead Digital – Joe Dixon
Digital Assit  – Patrick Shannon