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Urban Dream Brokerage/Dunedin City Council

A giant digital mosaic constructed from the echoes of the past, and also the present day.

Echoes was originally created as an installation in Dunedin to allow the local people to become immersed in – and contribute to – the echoes of people, time, and place, which combine to what Dunedin is today.

The Echoes installation was a space for contemplation, reflection, and a sense of grounding within time and place.

The installation featured an interactive digital mirror – thousands of images from decades’ worth of photographic archives provided by the Hocken Collections, Digital NZ, and the Dunedin City Council, all swirled and shuffled to form a reflection of participants. The image of the present was constructed from the echoes of the past.

However, the installation was very much a living piece. By uploading images to Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #echoesdunedin, people could feed back into the pool of archives and have their own images appear within the installation.

Joe Dixon the digital artist behind the work is looking forward to see how Echoes evolves “Our hope is that as time passes the balance of the old and new images begins to mingle, creating a bunch of new Echoes connecting us to our past.”

A Content Framework

Echoes is a photo-visualisation installation content framework designed to handle large amounts of visual data.

It represents large collections of images as an impressive and cohesive whole – a giant mosaic constructed from thousands of smaller images. It can work using a collection of library images and can be setup to use images sourced from social media.

The mosaic tracks audience members as they move around the space via a camera sensor, allowing them to interact with it in different ways.

At a distance, it mirrors their appearance by selectively swapping the images it displays. When audience members move closer to the mosaic, the photos ‘bloom’ and magnify to greet them. While enlarged, photos list relevant metadata alongside them – dates, places, people.

For more information about customising the Echoes framework for your institution or company please contact us.


Urban Dream Brokerage
Article in Otago Daily Times