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Electoral Boundaries Video


VMLY&R approached us with a very unique creative brief for their client – the Electoral Commission – to create a video which helps to start a conversation on the potential to change the electoral boundaries. The concept of the creative was based on a fair balance.

We were asked to make a film about designing and building a mobile, that would form the shape of Aotearoa when light was shone through it. This was the kind of exciting challenge that we love as it involved so many complex creative elements.

Our designer, Kimi Moana-Whiting created the design of New Zealand, from VMLY&R’s brief. They wanted the mobile to be made from bright coloured pieces of perspex that would cast coloured shadows. From there we worked with the team at Te Mahi to create a mobile that would come to rest in the shape of Aotearoa.

The final step in the process was creating a completed video showing Kimi setting the mobile up, against an explanatory voiceover. Because it was such an interesting process the client also commissioned a ‘behind the scenes’ video so audiences could follow the process of creating the mobile through the various parts of the process.