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Louie & Tapitha

Wellington Water

Talkin' Toilets...

We love a challenge, so when Wellington Water asked us to find a way to communicate good wastewater behaviours we embraced our inner child. Wastewater is a little gross and slightly boring, so we utilised comedy to get the message across. Louie and Tapitha, the talking toilet and sink were born. These fun characters allowed us to get a serious message across.


Part of developing these characters meant thinking like a toilet and a sink. We developed the characters carefully to be friendly,  with relatable faces and movements. Voice talent was also important and it was great to get Karen O’Leary as the voice of Tapitha.

We work closely with a digital media company to target specific audiences and provide robust reporting to our clients. This also helped us tailor the assets we created based on audience responses. This campaign went out on social media and utilised video as well as static assets.