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Pacific Comms Campaign

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Communicating the stories of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade's work in the Pacific

We have been working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to tell stories about their work in the Pacific. The stories are in the form of eight articles using the digital platform Shorthand and are also shared using social media platforms.

The stories we are telling are diverse, but all focus on the human faces and voices of those who have been impacted by MFAT’s work. We have primarily used photography supplied by the client, but have worked to enhance these with graphic imagery and text to deepen the narratives. 

We have also created a series of compelling visuals for use on Facebook and Instagram, to drive capture audiences and bring them to the articles.

So far we have completed two articles, one about MFAT’s partnership with the Fred Hollows Foundation on eyesight health work and one about scholarships for students in the Solomon Islands.


A Pathway to Peace – Solomon Islands Education

Eye Health Services in the Pacific – Saving Sight

You can also check out the MFAT Facebook page.