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Artichoke Durham Lumiere

A site-specific video installation that engages local communities.

“What is the most precious object to you and why?” – posed by Precious, this question is designed to be an introduction to exploring the wider, deeper and emotional connections in a person’s life.

Precious was commissioned by leading public arts production team Artichoke (UK) who partnered us with students from Durham Sixth Form Centre in the UK. The students recorded interviews with people from across the county, asking them about the objects that meant something to them. Documentary director Jess Feast did Skype workshops with the students, helping them develop their interviewing and camera skills.

The final output from the students was then used as content for a multi-screen outdoor video installation, using shipping containers as projection surfaces. Storybox created a non-linear digital playback system that generated unique and constantly-evolving story combinations in real time.

A team from Storybox travelled to Durham to manage the installation of the containers and the playback system, working with festival staff and local engineers.

The final piece was projected onto a series of shipping containers and ran every night at the Durham Lumiere Festival in November 2015.