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Smokefree Wellington

Wellington City Council

Let's make Wellington Smokefree by 2025

Wellington City Council have a goal to reduce smoking in public places and make the capital Smokefree by 2025. We wanted to make sure that everyone understood why we were moving forward with this goal as a city.

Using bright colours and unique graphics created by the League of Live Illustrators (LOLI’s), we produced two videos that brought this story to life in a unique way. Both clips used time lapse of the LOLI’s doing their live illustration on glass giving the subject an engaging presence. 

loli 1 loli 8


Director – Robert Appierdo
Producer – Madeline Cook
Concept – Yasmine L’Orfi, Robert Appierdo
Graphics – League of Live Illustrators
Camera – Dean Zillwood, Mike Potton
Editor – Benni Kaubisch, Mike Potton