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Auckland Live

Bringing sound to life.

Speakatube is a colourful, quirky interactive sound sculpture for both kids and adults. Commissioned by Auckland Live it is designed to bringing a sense of fun to the Aotea Precinct and move around Auckland’s public spaces. Built to be portable the installation packs down into four robust flight cases and can be setup in a few hours.

Speakatube gives its audience an excuse to interact in an old way, with a new twist. Anonymous or searching for a friend’s voice, this piece will create a sense of mystery. Speaking to an unknown person on the other end of the pipe. Sharing secrets. Making noise. The goal, to have fun with conversation. 

Made up of four brightly coloured tubes with trumpet-shaped ends, Speakatube makes speaking up irresistible as it transports everyday voices into fun and entertaining sessions in sound. Designed to look like sound waves, the over-sized tangle of brightly coloured tubes beckon the passer-by to speak into them and listen to the crazy kaleidoscope of voices and sounds coming out the other end.

Old-school and analogue, the genius of Speakatube is how effective its ‘technology’ works. You can whisper in one end and your voice travels clearly along the 10 metre-long pipe to someone waiting at the other end.

Speakatube was conceived by Johann Nortje and produced by Storybox. Beginning with a 3D design, it was built from steel tubing and can be dismantled, moved and reassembled to bring delight to audiences everywhere.

For more information of if you would like a Speakatube of your own contact us