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STA Uncover Discover USA Roadtrip

STA Travel

The ultimate American road trip

43 days on the road + 30 American cities + 8 travellers + 2 cameramen/editors = lots of amazing content.

To launch their partnership with Brand USA, STA Travel worked with Storybox to produce a range of videos documenting their ‘Uncover Discover’ American road trips.

Storybox collaborated with creative and planning teamĀ at STA in developingĀ the shoot from the pre-production stages. Our crew shot and edited on the road, allowing immediate content for social media channels as well as more polished, longer form films.

In addition to over 15 separate clips, Storybox designed and delivered the Uncover Discover brand graphics and a library of photographic stills for use across STA outlets around the world.

Links to the full series.
East Meets West – New York to LA

Las Vegas and National Parks
Florida and the Deep South




“Storybox consistently grasp the objectives for our campaigns and bring them to life via exceptional video content.”

Ant Stone
Global Campaign Manager
STA Travel