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Taki Rua Programme 2014

Taki Rua

A bold look for a reinvigorated
theatre company

In 2014 we built on our six year design relationship with Maori theatre production company Taki Rua with the development of their 2014 season identity. Taki Rua was in the process of evolving the structure and thinking behind the organisation, and Storybox saw the opportunity to create a fresh, cohesive and contemporary look.

The design concept was developed through an exploration into the core values and thinking that drives Taki Rua’s kaupapa. The key element of this, as the name Taki Rua suggests, is the idea of two different bodies or groups moving forward in a relationship to create something new.

We worked closely with Taki Rua to create imagery that embodies this idea through images that combine two objects with a shared form to create a new whole. Our choice of objects came out of discussion around relevance to the tikanga and vision of each piece of mahi (work) represented in the programme.  Respect for taonga (treasured objects) was paramount and the collaboration resulted in a bold and successful outcome.

Creative Director – Robert Appierdo
Design – Cameron Richards
Photography – Steven Boniface