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This or That!

Palmerston North City Library


Engaging with our archival resources is an amazing and informative experience, but many people fail to do so.
To combat this, the Palmerston North Public Library decided to take their photographic archive, the Manawatu Heritage website, to the people.

They came to Storybox with a vision to create an interactive, digital, mobile experience that engaged people in various public spaces. So we gave them This or That!

This or That! is an inviting, simple and fun way to explore the diverse collection of photos that Manawatu Heritage has to offer. The kiosk uses a big red button to start the process. Users push the button to begin and are presented with a category choice like 1880s or 1980s, Dogs or Cats, planes or tractors. They then chose one of the options or ask for another pairing.

Once a category is selected, the user is presented with a gallery of images to browse.

If there is a particular photo that the user likes, they can have a closer look with an enlarged version. They can also email it to themselves with a link to Manawatu Heritage, so they can continue the exploration at home.

This or That! provides a simple way to engage with amazing content and also provides a big red button, which is really fun to push.


The touch screen interface



The kiosk