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Wellington 2040

Wellington City Council

Reshaping Wellington’s future

WGTN 2040 was an interactive exhibition designed to create a public engagement platform for sections of the City Council’s WGTN 2040 plan. We took the four themes of the plan and divided them across two different container installation zones.

At each site, visitors were invited to engage with these concepts and discover what others are thinking through video, touchscreen maps and video posts from people on the street. An interactive bicycle allowed visitors to see if they had what it takes to boil the kettle or charge a laptop using nothing but pedal power.

One installation doubled as a stage with free gigs featuring local musicians while at the other giant screens lit up every night with animations and RSS feeds.

Storybox was responsible for all design, interactive, video, spatial and production, logistics and event management elements.


2040 lrg landscape_3

2040 small landscape_1

Storybox Containers