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Welly My Way

Wellington City Council

A summer social media campaign for Wellingtonians to shoot it, share it & win.

Each summer, Wellington City Council hosts a series of events titled Summer City. For the 2016 season they asked us to create a campaign to increase public awareness of events and activities around the region, using channels that would provide opportunities for greater engagement from younger people.

Using the hashtag #wellymyway, we created a campaign to ask Wellingtonians to show us their Wellington – how they see their city through their eyes. Participants were invited to record and upload video clips with weekly prizes for the best clips.

To get them started and to give them some idea of the types of clips to create, we filmed two short videos. Using GoPro cameras we recorded activities at several iconic Wellington venues and created groups of “Show us your…” shots. The cameras were intended as active observers, not just recording the activity but engaging viewers to experience what the camera-wearers themselves are doing and experiencing.