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Where Does it Go?

Wellington Water

Telling the story of where our drains take our waste

So where does it go? Wellington Water needed help telling the story of where our drains take waste. Its important that toxic materials don’t end up in our waterways via the stormwater system and instead are treated through the wastewater system, or disposed of appropriately. Its a complex but important message.

We developed a campaign that was designed to develop awareness around the issue. We then followed up with information about actions that people could take to protect the water system around the key issues of lawn clippings, paint and solvents, dog poo, detergents and fats and oils. We used the core question of ‘where does it go?’ to catch attention on social media and in print on bus backs. From there, social videos provided more information about what happens when things end up in the wrong place. We drove traffic back Wellington Water’s website where people could gain knowledge about what to do with their waste.

This one of several campaigns we’ve worked on with Wellington Water on and its been a great partnership. Building the relationship over time has helped us understand the complex and interconnected information they need to communicate. This means we’re able to create messaging that ties in across campaigns, creating a coherent set of communications to help Wellington understand more about the very precious supply of water.

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