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XBOX Launch Queenstown


Creating animated content for the global launch of the Xbox Series X

One of the highlights of 2020 has been working with the team at Streamliner down in Queenstown, for Xbox Australia & NZ, for the global launch of the Xbox Series X console.

Queenstown became ‘Greenstown’ for the night as the iconic Xbox colour painted the town green. An other worldly shape hung over the lake and as the sun set the new console was revealed.

We created projection mapping content and a series of short edits which were projected onto a giant version of the Series X console that floated above Lake Wakatipu. Streamed live in conjunction with events around the world and  watched by over 60,000 people, it was Xbox’s answer to promotion in a Covid-19 world.

We worked closely with the teams at Streamliner Productions and HQ Productions to make this projection and live camera show an epic success.